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July 2 to 6, 2012

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  International Square Almedalen
The silo, Visby Harbour

About the International Square during Almedalen Week

The International Square Almedalen is a united action between nonprofit organizations that strives to put a international perspective to Swedish politics. It is a united action to further the international perspective of solidarity, justice and how to go forward with the common effort of decreasing poverty.

This years is the seventh year that the international square has taken place during Almedalen Week. The Politicians Week in Almedalen started already in 1968 and is now an important part for political parties, lobbyists, and NGO:s. The media coverage has during the last years been extensive. The International Square is today an important actor and we ask all our participants to enter their activities in the Almedalen Week event calendar.

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Contact: Project coordinator Janne Nilsson