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July 2 to 6, 2012

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Welcome to “Träffpunkt Gråbo”

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Available rooms and times at Träffpunkt Gråbo
during Almedalen week 2012:

Cafeteria, 40 seats
Meeting room, 20 seats
Meeting room, 10 seats
Monday:   16.00-21.00   16.00-21.00   10.00-16.00
Tuesday:       10.00-18.00   10.00-18.00
Wednesday:   16.00-21.00   16.00-21.00   10.00-21.00
Thursday:       10.00-18.00    
Friday:   16.00-21.00   10.00-21.00   10.00-21.00
Saturday:   12.00-21.00   12.00-21.00    
Sunday:   10.00-18.00   10.00-18.00    

Please contact us for booking of seminar and meeting rooms, socializing in the cafeteria and for a presentation of the project “Träffpunkt Gråbo”.


About “Träffpunkt Gråbo”

“Träffpunkt Gråbo” is a network including the Red Cross, Visby's City Mission, Police, Visby Cathedral Parish, Social Services in Region Gotland, Salvation Army, Save the Children, IOGT-NTO/Junis, the association “Vägen hela människan”, Civil Defence Association, the associations Insolvency, Democracy for children's future, Carpe Diem, RSMH, Tenants Association, Gotland municipal housing company, recreation center Puma, Gråbo elderly care, education associations and Employment Service. “Träffpunkt Gråbo” is simply one for Sweden unique cross-border cooperation project.

“Träffpunkt Gråbo” is located in the residential Gråbo in the south of Visby, about 4 km from Almedalen and the International Square. Gråbo is one of Sweden's so-called “million program areas” and it has about 5000 inhabitants.

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Contact: Project coordinator Janne Nilsson